This Is The Only Reminder You’ll Ever Need

This Is The Only Reminder You’ll Ever Need

What if the now that you know as now is actually the past? What if right now your existence is actually a revision of your life due to someone in what you think is the distant future traveling back to a time in the past which is actually your right now?

Are you following me?

So if you think about it this way, it will make more sense: once someone in the future figures out time-travel, what we know to be time ceases to exist — forever. After that discovery time is finished. Time will no longer be linear which is what makes time time.

Do you get what I’m saying yet?

What I’m proposing to you now changes the whole entire game. If now is actually your past, then you can change the outcome of the future you aren’t aware is going to happen by the decisions you make right now.

What if you are your future self that has traveled back in time to make changes to your life today to avoid an outcome you are not aware of yet? The only caveat to time traveling, I suppose, would be you couldn’t be made aware that you went back in time without disrupting the time-space continuum.

So you’d have to take this concept at face value and have faith that this message is reaching you for some reason beyond your current state of consciousness.

You may immediately disregard this suggestion as a bunch of bologna; I assure you it is not. You are receiving this as a reminder from your future self that it is time to maximize the time you have been re-gifted.

How much time you have left after you change the course of your life is unknown. Your future self couldn’t know the duration either. Shifting reality creates a string of variables yet to be lived.

What I will say is this. That change is an activating agent that changes the very DNA that is you. You will literally rewrite your history from this point forward.

You already know this to be true. You were briefed on this information before you decided to venture back and give this life another go. There was something prompting you to revisit this time to make a different choice.

You know it in your heart right now, your very being is giving you impulses to decide differently. Your soul is giving you signals that up until now you’ve been ignoring.

Listen to that voice that is pulling you to do something different. If you continue to mute the tug then this whole second chance has just become a loop in time.

You do not want that. Trust me.

That job you’ve been dying to quit. That business you’ve been yearning to start. That relationship that isn’t assisting in your growth. That person you didn’t want to forgive. That hobby you’ve been wanting to start. The questions you’ve been wanting to ask. That class you’ve been wanting to take. That movement you’ve been ready to start. That land you’ve been wanting to see. Those dollars you’ve been wanting to save. That boundary you’ve been wanting to have. That book you’ve been wanting to write. If you’re a rapper — just no; stop it. But for everything else. Here is your second – first chance!