The Benton Series

The Benton Series

At the beginning of July 2016, I was scheduled to move to Atlanta, Georgia. In my heart, I had outgrown all that California had to offer and needed a new environment to blossom in. I also had a burning desire to be around artistic Black folks.

My lease was up at the end of June and I had amassed a small fortune that would give me enough time to relocate and get into the groove of things. I had it all worked out in my head but for reasons beyond my control, I was forced to stay here in Cali.

The first occurrence was losing my identity. Yup. Two days before I was scheduled to leave my wallet came up missing. In it, I had my ID and social security card. These were the only forms of identification I had since my birth certificate had been stolen from my storage unit in 2014.

Without ID, traveling in the U.S. is practically impossible, so I had to go through the process of getting all new documents. And what would usually take about 7 to 14 days turned into a 45-day fiasco.

During all of this, a friend—turned lover—turned friend again, allowed me to room with her in a pretty tiny studio apartment on Benton way in Silverlake.

After long nights of boozing, countless days of creating, and many hours of searching for that thing to make it all make sense, this series is sort of an accumulative expression of my time living on Benton.


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