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[April 13th, 2017]

I’m living at my girlfriend’s place in Long Beach, California. Summer is right around the corner.

After avoiding taking the vlogging plunge for many years (due to fears and insecurities), I am finally committed to doing just that. If you care to see this manifest, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I currently am 100% sober. This came after years of smoking cigarettes (quit date: 2-1-2017), drinking booze, and for about one month annually (give or take) becoming a stoner.

I have narrowed my life focuses down to five things. This is what that looks like:

  • Manufacturing The Microchief
  • Exercising (running, yoga, weight training)
  • Blogging and vlogging
  • Building & maintaining healthy relationships
  • Freelancing via the internet

This is it for me for now; nothing more, nothing less.

If you’d like to hire me in some capacity, you can click here to check out the services I’m offering at the moment.