What I’m Doing Now

Long Beach, California will soon be a distant memory; I’m leaving the state.

I haven’t decided where to yet, but I have narrowed it down to three options: New York, Georgia, and Alabama.

Business is good. I have four commissioned paintings, two video projects, and what seems like a ton of other obligations. I’m here for the hustle, though. This is the first time I am attempting to keep this many balls in the air by myself.

I’m riding solo these days. My 10-month relationship crashed and burned (in the most beautiful way). There were so many lessons that I finally took the time to examine. Because of what I found in myself I decided to take some time off from dating and intimate relationships. I’m hoping that with taking some time to really heal myself, my next at-bat will be a home-run.

I haven’t been posting on my vlog lately which sucks because I do miss it. Maybe if I get a few new followers I’ll start up again (hint, hint).

What I’m focusing on these days is:

  • Exercising (basic training around the house)
  • Working PT at a hardware store
  • Healing from my last relationship
  • Knocking out as many freelance gigs as I possibly can
  • Still slanging coffee mugs

I am currently reading The Magic of Thinking BIG by David J. Schwartz Ph.D.

Last updated: October 7th, 2017

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