Frequencies is a series by The Beelda that makes each art piece a dynamic expression of an emotion, a feeling, or a state of being encapsulated in the human experience.

Life is not static in nature, nor are these paintings. Expressed in different colorways, with varying heights and widths, they manage to capture a frequency that lies beneath our conscious minds.

I love everything about your color choices and juxtaposition of those contrasting colors.M. Evans

For those of you who are familiar with physics, you know that life itself is nothing more than a compilation of frequencies. These vibrations are able to pull out of us things we never knew existed within. Through years of studying humans and their behaviors, Ted has been able to find commonalities, and also document the stimuli and occurrences that create certain human emotions—good and bad.

‘Frequencies’ is a celebration of these invisible waves. It is through these works of art that Ted has been able to set the pace for himself and many others looking to be driving in a particular direction.

If Mondrian was Black his paintings would’ve looked more like this.M. Evans

Pieces like Good gives our subconscious mind a tug in the direction of euphoria, while others like Serenity help us to be at ease and feel an instant feeling of calm.

“I just want my art to be recognized by people like Obama and Oprah Winfrey. My dream is to one day have an original piece of mine hanging in the homes of Tyler Perry and Will and Jada.”

“As far as commissioned work goes, I will produce the frequency the person has in mind. It doesn’t really work the way most would hope, though. You can’t say ‘give me red and blue stripes to match my couch’ and think that the frequency will transform to fit your taste. Frequency is the Universe’s language, it doesn’t care about your couch. It is much better to request a frequency of say unity to place in your family room, and then buy items to accessorize accordingly”.

This series, along with other works by The Beelda, will be available soon via his eBay account.