Day 5 of 365: Don't Be a Hoe if You Don't Have To

Day 5 of 365: Don’t Be a Hoe if You Don’t Have To

There are literally so many brilliant minds at our fingertips these days. It’s fascinating and almost overwhelming when you think about it.

You literally can follow so-and-so and get a glimpse into what their day to day life is like… or can you?

Is all of the content we see online curated?

Of course it is. But wiping your ass after you shit is an action that curates your smell so people want to be around yo funky ass–you feel me?

But on a serious note, what happens when the people you admire strip away the curation and get real about what life is presenting them at any given moment? How do we respond when those we idolize have real-life feelings in real-life situations that might not be so glamorous?

People like Tyrese and Kanye come to mind when I think about folks ditching the masks for just a second to give us a little more insight into what is going on behind the scenes.

Imagine… Even these mega-superstars have actual problems with all of their comforts and riches. Crazy right? If they can have a life worth envying and still have problems, think of everyone you know with not even a fraction of a fraction of those resources.

And more important than the celebrity breakdowns, what happens when it’s someone in your family or a person you went to school with or your next door neighbor? Do you care less because the collective mind of social media hasn’t told you that this person’s life is worth caring about?

I kinda hate the phrase ‘I digress’, but…

Okay, so what’s with the article’s title and the reference to the brilliant online minds?

My point is this… If you are someone like Chezza Outta Nowhere who types these awesome, entertaining, raw rants online, you need your own platform! Not only that but, you actually need to use it.

I’m not saying not to use the platforms that exist already to reach the people that are already on them; definitely do that. But also, I would suggest building your own (and growing your mailing list).

My niece Talisha recently started her blog and I’m super proud of her for that. That’s a boss move. If you are feeding the big dogs like YouTube and Facebook content (for free) and not creating your own sovereign something, you’re missing a great opportunity and even worse than that… Yousa hoe.

A hoe by definition is anyone who gives there services to a John and then hands their earnings over to a pimp.

How do you think Zuckerburg got so wealthy? I can tell you how. People like you and me spend our days posting on his platform which generates revenue through advertising and all sorts of other shit we know nothing about and we walk away without a dime… happy.

Don’t be a hoe–unless you have to.

That’s all.

Thanks for reading.