Day 3 of 365: Failure is on My Mind

Day 3 of 365: Failure is on My Mind

This morning I really don’t have anything too insightful to share. Last night I went to sleep with Tyler Perry’s new book Higher is Waiting (the audio version) playing in the ears.

Within the book, there are numerous tales of struggle, hardship, and then ultimately him overcoming it all. Perhaps this could be the reason failure is on my mind so heavily, or maybe it’s because I am still in the ‘becoming’ phase of my journey. Who knows…

I’m not in a funk per se, but accounts of things gone wrong or not coming to fruition doesn’t give me an upbeat feeling, either.

If you know me on a personal level, then you’ve probably been around long enough to see me attempt a few at-bats. Some of you probably still own a t-shirt or a mixtape or a mug or some sort of merchandise from me.

1999 is the first year I can remember me attempting to be an entrepreneur. I started a clothing line back then called Loose Marbles. I didn’t stick with it long, but it was fun and taught me a bit about business and selling.

This morning I also thought about my personal relationships and how I am failing at some of those. Yesterday I made myself repeat ‘that is a failed relationship‘ when thinking about my ex (I have to be mindful and catch myself whenever I start to become overly optimistic about that situation). I can easily find myself daydreaming about ways that things can work between us.

I don’t know… I’m fighting for a life change.

I’m unsure how this story ends but this is where I am right now. I am being proactive about changing my life in meaningful ways. I really believe that this challenge will be the best medicine for getting me in the state I want to be in physically, mentally and emotionally.

My ex-ex thinks I could be setting myself up for failure, but fuck that, failing has never prevented me from giving something a shot.

By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.
— J. K. Rowling

Here’s to failing forward!