Bridgette Needs Our Help!

Hello friends and family. I pray this post finds you in good spirits.

The reason I am reaching out to you today is because a dear friend to me needs our collective help. She has lost a sense of what is–and is not–acceptable behavior in today’s society.

I’m praying to the heavens above that maybe through creating this poll someone, somewhere will place a healing hand on her heart chakra and instill the spirit of change within this vessel of potential light we all know as Bridgette Washington.

Here’s the issue: Bridgette has this dumb ass feature enabled on her phone where when you call you have to sit and enjoy one of seven stale ass songs she’s selected. Not only do all of the songs suck, but she doesn’t change them ever.

This is putting a strain on our already volatile friendship.

Please help…

What should Bridgette do?

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