What I’m Doing Now

I am still living in Long Beach, California. Summer is just about over.

I have gotten back into web development as a means of generating extra income. I’ve also decided to apply for a part-time position at places like Home Depot and Trader Joe’s. I have an interview next week so I’m excited to see what comes of it.

My vlog (click here to see it) is coming along quite nicely. I haven’t posted one in a couple of weeks but I plan to get back active as soon as I get a handle the projects I’m currently juggling.

I am still living the sober life. I think the clarity I’m having these days is a byproduct of sobriety. Plus my douche levels have nearly bottomed out (this is also something I’m happy about).

Another thing worth mentioning is I am training to run a 5k. This will be my first one so I’m excited.

I have narrowed my life focuses down to five things. This is what that looks like:

  • Exercising (running, yoga, weight training)
  • Freelancing via the internet
  • Building furniture (a new found hobby)
  • Expanding my knowledge of design
  • Selling coffee mugs

I am currently reading Black Privilege by Charlamange tha God.

I’m more active than ever knocking out side projects. If you’d like to hire me, click here.

Last updated: August 25th, 2017

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